Oil Industry Economics - From wellhead to gas pump

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The North American petroleum industry is smack in the middle of the most transformational era it has seen since the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo. You’ve seen the headlines talking about everything from shale to fracking to the Keystone pipeline to a proliferation of crude oil trains. Data now shows 2013 posted the largest single-year increase in domestic crude oil production…EVER!

We’ve used the term “oil boom” in the past, but never has it been more of a reality. EMI’s Oil Industry Economics: From Wellhead to Gas Pump will help you understand today’s factors that establish the price of crude oil in the upstream and every facet of refined product in the downstream.

Who are the new money makers in the oil complex? Will Canada and the United States become the new exporters? How will transformation in the Midstream impact traditional trading partners? Join us as we explain the economics behind all that is happening.

What You Will Learn

The oil industry is very complex with international economics driving every aspect and every decision. This course will delve into the detailed economics from the wellhead to the final consumption point. With this course, we will assemble the key operational characteristics and associated economics of each major industry component giving you a solid understanding of the complete industry.

Some of the areas the course will focus on are: 

  • Exploration and production economics
  • The economics of producing or temporarily shutting in oil
  • Economics of gathering oil
  • Economics of moving oil to the manufacturing sector from all major methods
  • Economics of the new freight markets
  • Basic refining economics of various types of refiners and refineries
  • Refinery economic optimization
  • Economics of various crudes
  • Netback analysis
  • Economics of various export refiners
  • Economics of moving refined products to various spot markets by various methods…truck, rail, pipeline, barges and ocean-going vessels
  • Economics of moving products to wholesale and retail levels
  • How the economics relate to various pricing methods at each level
  • Economics of storing crude oil
  • All about the economics of crude oil arbitrage trading
  • Macro economics of worldwide energy complex

Who Should Attend

  • Major Oil & Large Independent:
      -  Refiners
      -  Marketers
      -  Supply & distribution personnel
      -  Exchange personnel
      -  Terminal managers
      -  Risk managers
      -  Wholesale and commercial managers
      -  Traders
  • Wholesale/Marketing Companies
  • Jobbers/Diesel Fuel Distributors
  • EverylLevel of the trading community, both physical and financial.
  • Truck stop & retail chain operators:
      -  Fuel purchaser
      -  Hedgers
      -  Marketers
  • End-Users
      -  Trucking companies
      -  Barge and shipping companies
      -  Commercial and private airline fleets
      -  Government Agencies – Federal-State-Municipal
  • Lenders to the oil industry
  • Futures & OTC brokers
  • Media companies
  • Oil reporters
  • Oil analysts