Natural Gas Fundamentals

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This intensive one-day course describes the industry
from the four major functions:
1. Origins and destinations of Natural Gas.
2. Exploration through distribution.
3. Buying, selling, marketing.
4. Transportation

This course inter-twines the relationships of:
1. Market macro & micro fundamentals.
2. Purchasing and selling methodology.
3. Producing and marketing.
4. Understanding of the various market relationships
that impact the everyday aspects of the business.

What You Will Learn

  • Physical properties of Natural Gas.
  • Where Natural Gas is found.
  • How Natural Gas is measured.
  • Where have we been and where are we going: The history and future of Natural Gas in North America.
  • The major consumers of Natural Gas: From home use to manufacturing.
  • Exploration: The role of geologists and technology.
  • Drilling: Onshore and offshore.
  • Production, treatment, compression, and processing.
  • Gathering, storage, and transmission.
  • Transportation: Construction, safety, operations.
  • Overview of Natural Gas marketing processes.
  • Distribution: How Natural Gas gets to the burner tip.
  • Gas Industry Standards Board.
  • The "Players" who make the industry work:
  • Suppliers - Marketers - Brokers - Local
  • Distribution Companies - Industrial and
  • Commercial end users.
  • Natural Gas futures and OTC derivatives.
  • Transportation and how it works.
  • Storage usefulness and seasonal peaking and balancing needs. Market Centers (Hubs): Services provided.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit anyone seeking a top to bottom, fundamental education in the natural gas and power industry. Perfect for those new to the industry: Wholesale power and/or natural gas marketing companies, utilities, generation, supply and distribution personnel, traders, end-users, commercial companies, cogeneration, industrial companies & government agencies. Great for new hires, interdepartmental transfers, finance management, administrative personnel, and human resource personnel.